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 Property Address                                Name  

10 DeKalb Ave, White Plains                             La Gianna               

42 Waller Ave, White Plains                               Dylan                  

115 N. Broadway, White Plains                          Reed                            

1-3-5 Old Mamaroenck, White Plains                 1-3-5 Old Mamaroneck                     

68 Lake Street, White Plains                              Apuovia                   

17 DeKalb Ave, White Plains                             Bramare` Townhomes    

177 Grand Street, White Plains                          177 Grand

170 Grand Street, White Plains                          177 Grand

79 Fisher Ave, White Plains                               79 Fisher

19 Hall Ave, White Plains                                   19 Hall

3 Calvert Ave, Harrison                                      3 Calvert

111 N. Broadway, Irvington                                111 Irvington

360 E 57th Street, New York City                        The Morrison